The Vampire Wizard

By Rage Craft



Vampires since centuries were one of the most terrifying creatures. Their immortality, powerful magic and intelligence are their source of great desire to rule upon the humans and other races. For the creatures of eternity, cruelty and pain are the allies for building vampires' empire.

This pack contains one Vampire Wizard miniature. The set contains 4 components: unassambled 32mm scale miniature & 32mm round base. The miniature is rich in details casted in best quality resin. 

This miniature is not painted and not assembled. It should be glued using special glues for plastic or resin and painted by specialized paints. 

The miniature is perfect for any gamers of fantasy universes & collectors. The scale of our miniatures is similar to the most popular tabletop miniature systems which makes it a perfect fit.

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