TUTORIAL: how to wrap your RageCraft mini as a Christmas present?

TUTORIAL: how to wrap your RageCraft mini as a Christmas present?

Hi there,

Probably most of you are in the middle of Christmas shopping rush.

Many of you after buying some fancy gifts are thinking:


That is why with today's post we are coming with an answer for such struggle.


Few steps how to do this:

STEP 1: Get your favorite mini first. In this tutorial we decided to take our fav i.e.: 

Inquisitor Knight PROMO

STEP 2: Wait few days to arrive to your home & once it arrives you can start with preparation.


STEP 3: Decide on general design of a Christmas "look & feel". We decided to go for typical color that also fits well our main logo colorscheme that is metallic red!

Here is what you need:

- go to your local supermarket store and find gifts accesories. They are just everywhere!

- take the special set where you have ribbon like the one shown below:

STEP 4: Once you have that fancy ribbon you just need to create nice looking Christmas star.... like this one:

STEP 5: This is the most important step as you need to decide where to position that fancy start that you created! It should be align with the name of Rage Craft.

Our proposition below:

STEP 6: You can also go with other option i.e. to put the star inside the box:

STEP 7: Wait for the perfect moment for giving this fantastic present with perfect Christmas wrapping to your friend or... yourself!


PS Yep... we know that you are thinking how we created this fancy star but to be honest we are good in creating miniatures not in creating Christmas wrapping so we bought it!

For every order that we received from today till 23rd Dec we will make your life easier by adding this fancy star to every miniature!


PPS If you are really interested in this subject - how to make such a star just watch this movie:


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