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Hi there,
Sometime ago we promised to provide you some info about the process of painting our display models.
Full galery of them you can find HERE
All the works were done by Redav (Krzysztof Kobalczyk) - one of the top Polish painters that we admire a lot. You can check some of his works at:
We asked him for some words about painting of our Vampire Wizard:
My friends from Rage Crafted wanted me to give you some thoughts on how I painted their Vampire Wizard miniature.
First off I always start with an idea in my head and I always have a plan. This time I wanted him to be dark and to have contrasting elements like the glowing hand and the crystal on his back. The base also gives a opportunity to experiment with oriented source light. So for the cloak I started with plain black but then I have used some dark brown tones to accent the color and then I have highlighted it with some mixes of grey with light additions of blue. My intention here was to make it look like it reflects light.
I have added a dot and scratch texture to make the robe look worn. I have made the same texture on the brown leather parts but here I wanted them to stand out so I used some orange and colors like bleached bone from GW to make all the elements bright.
The metal parts are dark and I wanted them to compose with his robe so that they won't shine to much because the green light should be dominant on this figure. As for the red undercoat I wanted it to stand out but just a little. The main idea was not to highlight it to much but I wanted to achieve a saturated red.
You can achieve it with painting a bright red color over a white undercoat because it's difficult to achieve that effect when painting on a black/dark colors. The light on his base, legs and arms was added at the end, and I used some dark and bright green glazes to make it. I also used some green inks to achieve a very saturated green. I hope this wall of text will help you a little.
Below you may find some gallery of Vampire Wizard WIP.
Feel free to drop us questions/comment regarding that painting process.
PS We will present soon WIP gallery of other our minis.
22.12.2020 Unreleased Christmas Mini

For Christmas time to make this tough year bit more fun at its end we are giving for free unreleased miniature.

30.09.2020 Miniatures' review for German community

Rage Craft collection review in German!


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