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Hi there,

This time we would like to give you some background about painting process of our Inquisitor Knight. Full gallery you can find HERE

"Hello It's me REDAV. This time I will give you a rundown on my idea for painting the Inquisitor night.

I wanted to achieve a warm and cold of atmosphere on this one. One side of this miniature was painted with mostly warm colors like brown, red and yellow/gold and the other side I painted with the same color scheme but I used blue tones for highlights and I made them lighter to achieve some light that falls on the back of this miniature.

It's very cool to experiment with color and atmosphere because the miniature looks like it's part of the base and generates it's own reality. I decided to make more realistic metals on this one so I used white, yellow and blue metallic paints to accent the NMM and on one hand it's a little like none metallic metal and on the other it has a metallic shine in places that I wanted to.

There are many cool details on this miniature and it can be interpreted in many ways so try and experiment because it's the only way you can learn something new."

 You can check some of the work in progress gallery below. Feel free to drop comments or questions for Redav! He really loves questions like "What is the color here & there?" :) 


22.12.2020 Unreleased Christmas Mini

For Christmas time to make this tough year bit more fun at its end we are giving for free unreleased miniature.

30.09.2020 Miniatures' review for German community

Rage Craft collection review in German!


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