Hi there,

The Gods of Terror & Pain (which is our team of course) have listened to your prayers!

Many of you were asking us when and what will be our next miniature so we decided to create some small Christmas gift for you guys and show you a little bit of what we are working on at these days!

We will be listening to your feedback on final look of some of the miniature elements. Details soon!

We cannot tell you more today - NO SPOILERS - but expect more stuff about this mini in upcoming days!!!!! 

Use your creative imagination what and who this character will be.

PS: Ok - one more and the last info. It's going to be 32mm to grow the family of our previous work!


13.03.2019 Bishop INSIDE THE BOX | VIDEO

Detailed presentation of Bishop miniature inside the box & painted versions!

08.02.2019 Banshee INSIDE THE BOX | VIDEO

Detailed presentation of Banshee inside the box & painted versions!


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