Lord of Horror | Finally available in PREORDER

Lord of Horror | Finally available in PREORDER

We are proud to announce our new miniature release: LORD OF HORROR

We start today LIMITED PREORDER up to 50 miniatures. 

The special preorder price for our Demon Prince is 28.70 EUR (c. 32 USD / c. 24 GBP)

The regular price will be 34.70 EUR (c. 39 USD / 30 GBP)




Below you may find our quick comments about this model & size comparison with our previous miniatures!!!

This is our vision of Demon Prince that comes in couple of configuration options.

We prepared more Demon Mage option which is less equipped:


Other option has head that expresses fury:


The other idea was to create Demon Fighter that is fully equipped with powerful blade that holds in his right hand but also he has shield in left hand:


If you like you can have also Demon Fighter without a shield and this is our proposition for configuration:


We are also very proud of the wings of Lord of Horror as he looks more epic:



As some of our fans can notice the armour itself is not full of details as our other models like Witch King or Inquisitor Knight but this was on purpose. We wanted this model to be more rough but in the same time we intended to give some space for creativity of painters who can try some freehand painting or some special effects like rust or shining runes.

Additionally there is still a lot of good details like the armour of the shape of bones around his chest, the collar around his neck in shape of bones that plays a role of additional protection or scrappy wings.

It is worth mentioning that we tried to keep as always best possible quality resin to make sure it is nice in painting but also very durable! Our existing customers can be sure that it's the same quality as the others!


Some of you are already assuming that this guy is big. Our answer is yes! 

In fact we still keep our 32 mm scale range but our idea was to make him big & scary that is why he couln't be the same height as a regular human miniature. 

To help you understand the size comparison of our models: LORD OF HORROR vs WITCH KING vs VAMPIRE WIZARD see below picture:







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