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We are happy to announce releasing new miniature - Fallen Queen.

 Model available here:

Fallen Queen is the continuation of our first miniature in the range of Undead Queens. This is the tribute to Rage Craft miniatures collectors who were asking us already for some time to create the Undead Lady in the 28-32 mm scale. The main intention was to continue with the character that is full of female majesty and do not compromise on the level of details. Fallen Queen 32 mm edition is full of unique ideas and beautiful casts. The main intention when creating her was to have a model that will create an impression that it is levitating over other miniatures in the collection within that scale range.

Check some images of that model:

1. Fallen Queen comes with 2 head options. The one presented below is more female / succubus demon look.:



2. Second version of the head. Demonic Crown of Fallen Queen:

3. Miniatures lovers & collectors are always curious about the size of miniature. Here you can see comparisons with other Rage Craft miniatures.

Fallen Queen & Witch King (both 28-32 mm scale)


 Model available here:

Fallen Queen & Vampire Wizard (both 28-32 mm scale)

Fallen Queen & Banshee (miniature on the left in 28-32 mm scale vs the right one in 75 mm scale)


Selected Rage Craft miniatures comparison of sizes


Final size chart in CM & INCHES


22.12.2020 Unreleased Christmas Mini

For Christmas time to make this tough year bit more fun at its end we are giving for free unreleased miniature.

30.09.2020 Miniatures' review for German community

Rage Craft collection review in German!


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