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We wanted to share you some pictures of our painting process and its final results for Bishop miniature. 

1. Choosing the version

When designing this miniature we wanted to have more option of configuration that is why Bishop goes in couple of configuration options:

- archibishop

- inquisitor (bold guy)

- armed merencery (with helmet & shield)

Example below:

More info under this link:

See some pictures of 2x options of Bishop i.e. Archibishop and Inquisitor (with black basecoat already applied):

Archibishop version

Inquisitor version

We decided to pick up Archibishop version as it was something new and fresh in our collection. You can see below.

2. Light distribution

We wanted to paint him in true metallics that is why in order not to loose the main highlights we decided to make a sketch of grey / white colors. For us it's easier to work with miniature if it has some preshades applied - however here we focused only on metal parts. This was the main reason behind that process. Some pictures below

3. Metallics & clothes

As the biggest part of Bishop miniature is armour and clothes we wanted those part to be working together. Decission was made on 'safe colors' which was gold and close to white clothes.

The main colors that we used at this stage were:

- Scale 75 Necro Gold

- Vallejo Model Color Bronze (Metal)

- Scale 75 Elven Gold

- Vallejo Model Color Old Gold

- Scale 75 Alchemy Citrine

Where Necro Gold was used as the darkest part of gold vs Old Gold (Vallejo) as the brightest part. We were applying diluted paint (glazes) in many layers but keeping the preshades we did in previous stage. In this way metal colors was more intensed. Whereas alchemy citrine was applied in the edges or small points of the lightest area of armour to make bigger contrast and get the 'shining look & feel'.

In some areas in shades and midtones we were applying Brown / Sephia / Black inks (from Scale 75 and Vallejo) in order to get bigger shades and more natural look of gold. The good thing about inks vs washes is that they are transparent (but have color) and they don't make metallics paints look like matt. 

For white clothes we were using following paints:

- Scale 75 Thar Brown - as a base color

- Scale 75 Mojave White - as a light color

- Scale 75 Dubai Brown - as deepest shades

- Scale 75 Graphene Grey - as midtone shades

All of the above were mixed in different proportions to have some contrast.

Here are some picture of work during that phase:

4. Accessories are coming

The next phase was working on all Bishop details & accessories i.e. the priest's tippet, belts and gems.

We used mixes of purple/red set from Scale 75.

Unfortunately we don't have pictures of that stage so here's short movie: 

After final touches here and there we manage to get it done. Here it is the final look:

5. Final look of painted Bishop miniature


Want to paint your own? Follow the link:


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