This was tough decission in our team: make it 32 mm or 75 mm scale.

After long discussions we decided to go with new range of miniatures that fall within 75 mm scale range. 

The main reason to release Banshe First of Fallen Queens in that size was to emphasize 'the majesty' of the model and not to loose some of the deails that woulnd't work well on 32 mm scale (yet we know how to make great details e.g. check the Inquisitor armour here

We believe that the model still works well with some collectors that use Rage Craft miniatures for tabletop gaming purposes - especially looking at other famous wargaming miniatures they become bigger & bigger so old school 28-32 mm scale nowadays is far away of the original models  (our view on that subject / having discussions with many of our customers on that topic).

Check the pictures comparing Banshee miniature to our other models (Assasin Lady, Inquisitor Knight, Vampire Wizard and Bishop - July 2018 release):


See more info here:

11.09.2018 Banshee - preparing for painting & casts quality

Images of our casted Banshee miniature 75 mm.

06.09.2018 Banshee First of Fallen Queens

All pictures / renders of our first miniature in 75 mm size.