Assasin Lady - color scheme insiration

Assasin Lady - color scheme insiration

Hi there,

Finally we have chance to present you some of the WIP pictures & inspiration words about color scheme for our miniature: Assasin Lady. Full gallery you may finde HERE.

"On this one I wanted to paint her in my more classical way so I used a zenital light source and the other thing is that I wanted her to be bright and stand out from the other miniatures.

She reminded me a little of a desert warrior so that's why her dress is white with blue additions. When painting I always think what I want to show the people and with parts of the miniature should be accented.

Here you see her at first glance and the base is only the background because its dark. When painting try to operate with colors and the intensity of light so you can focus the spectators eye on parts that you want."



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