we are not selling our miniatures at the moment.

Working on new projects and soon to be back!
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Hi guys,

As probably all of us are facing difficult & strange times of COVID19 spreading quickly & exponentially changing our lives in days - we are also under big pressure.

Some of our customers were asking last two weeks when it's possible to order again so we decided to allow the option of ordering our miniatures so in this way we can book quantities to your needs and secure the stock and in the same time has some cash to survive.

However we are facing difficulties in shipping as many countries in Europe and outside like USA are blocking regular flight connections and this impacts of course shipments. At the moment we decided not to ship using standard options (very slow e.g. ships to US) as the chances that you will have it like you used (2-3 weeks max) are now probably even doubled with risk of loosing it and difficulties in tracking.

So all orders placed in April will be waiting till end of month when we decide and check if the situation is bit better - at least from logistics perspective as probably we all do not believe that the virus will pass in 2 months.

We all know and are fans of fantasy so now we would need some wizards with Lvl 30+ to spell some magic and clean the Earth and our lives from that shit - but no wizards close by (apart from our Vampire Wizard in our store). That is why we will wait few weeks.

For all of those who will be placing the orders now:

1. You will have time to cancel & refund at any point in time (before notification that we shipped to you)

2. If you decide to wait together with us we will try to put some cool gifts to your orders :) Surprise surprise :)

So stay tuned! Stay close with Fantasy & Painting hobby!

Take care of yourself & your family!

Rage Craft Team


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For Christmas time to make this tough year bit more fun at its end we are giving for free unreleased miniature.

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Rage Craft collection review in German!


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